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We at Ridge Christian Academy believe that God has entrusted us with the great responsibility of guiding our children as they grow mentally, socially, physically and spiritually. Their well-being is dependent upon the care and support they receive both at home and at school. Therefore, we seek to partner with parents to consistently provide opportunities for our children to develop into strong, caring individuals. This growing process is achieved as children interact with their environment through developmentally appropriate curriculum, enriched by a Christ-centered approach to instruction. Each child is a gift from God to nurtured, loved and supported. Therefore, we are dedicated to assisting parents by providing the following:


1. A Christian environment which challenges each student to have a personal and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.


2. A well organized, effective academic institution that meets or exceeds state standards as prescribed by law, as long as those requirements are not in disharmony with specific direction in God’s Word.


3. A staff of qualified, well-trained and dedicated believers who are sensitive to the spiritual, educational, and personal needs of the students.


4. A competent, experienced administrator to supervise the educational program and to be a Christian example to the staff and students.


5. Maintain facilities, equipment, and materials that enhance the effectiveness of the instructional program.


6. Emphasize respect for God’s Word, those in authority, God’s creation and people from different cultural backgrounds.


7. Provide classroom instruction that integrates God’s Word throughout all course subjects.


8. Equip and encourage students to become a positive influence in their community and to follow the Great Commission by sharing God’s love with others.

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